Tips on Finding a Fatal Accident Lawyer

After an Accident, a Lawyer is Essential

Finding a fatal accident lawyer, when a loved one has been in a fatal accident, is likely not the first thing on your mind. No one is ever prepared for an unexpected loss, and the emotional and financial tensions are immediate and often devastating. A lawyer who has great experience in fatal accident damage claims can ease you through the process of recovery. More precisely, a lawyer who has been in personal injury law for many years will ensure you get the compensation to safeguard your financial and emotional health.

Recoverable damages from a fatal accident can include funeral and death expenses and out of pocket costs incurred for visits to the victim when he or she was injured prior to death.


Benefits for fatality cases can also cover the loss of household support. A lawyer with experience in fatal accident claims will ensure that you receive the maximum death benefits possible under existing employment contracts and insurance policies.


Where to Start Your Search for a Lawyer

So what exactly is a ‘fatal accident’ lawyer – and how can you find one?

One way to start your search is to visit the informative website of the governing body for the legal profession in Ontario – the Upper Canada Law Society.


The Law Society maintains an online lawyer directory. The directory is searchable by city, name or postal code. The Law Society website also has a referral service which can give you the name of a lawyer in your vicinity. Some lawyers will provide a free no-obligation consultation to help you determine your rights and options. This initial free consultation is characteristic of many lawyers – but you should enquire before meeting.


Many lawyers that focus on personal injury law advertise extensively and a quick search of the internet brings up a host of names. Also useful are word-of-mouth recommendations from those who have been down the road you must now travel.

Bear in mind one thing – there is a need for speed. The Ontario Limitations Act lists a number of deadlines. Bringing a lawyer on board as early as possible will ensure that all limitation periods are met.


Three Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Claim

How do you determine the right lawyer for your specific claim? Three quick considerations:

·     Geography: you will need to physically meet with the lawyer. Find one in your area. Alternately, if your mobility is limited, that lawyer should be able come to you.

·     Language: If English is not your first language, find a lawyer who speaks yours, or who can provide an interpreter. A fatal injury damages claim has many steps. Easy and accurate communication between lawyer and client is important for a successful outcome.

·     What did you find online? Most personal injury lawyers have websites. Take a few hours and read through them. Is the site there simply to sell a firm’s service – or does it actually provide information?

Your fatal accident injury claim may be the most important encounter with the legal system of your life. Search online for a fatal injury claims lawyer who offers you substance - and not flash to get you the compensation you deserve.